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How to care for your Angelfish

reading time: 4 minutes

The Tropical Wonders of the Angelfish

AngelfishAngelfish are of South African origin a member of the Cichlid family. These fresh water creatures are small beautiful tropical fish; they may not be able to jump hoops or play with a ball of string but they sure are good looking, eye catching and mesmerising. Ordinary is an understatement; these fish are vibrant and playful and will surely put on a captivating show; watch the tropical breeds swim and glide through the water with confidence and elegance- they are no stranger to the human eye. Silver, black lace, pearl, yellow and translucent; the Angelfish have colourful tropical bodies- a variety of colours you can’t resist to glare at.

The Angelfish Diet

Although an omnivore (a living creature that eats both plants and meat) Angelfish thrive on a diet containing plenty of meat; flake food or dried food will surely go down a treat and allow them to remain healthy and reach its full optimum size. ‘Angelfish favourites- include bloodworm, brine shrimp and krill’ – (shop our gamma fish food range available in store).

Did you know?
Angelfish can actually grow up to 25 cm tall and 18cm long- but remember to ensure the Angelfish has plenty meat in their diet.

Breeding Angelfish

Enhance the tropical view of the aquarium by breeding the Angelfish. They are more likely to breed in fresh clean water with plenty of space – so ensure your aquarium isn’t too busy with ornaments. A flat surface like a piece of slate, a large plant leaf or a flower pot will ensure the tropical fish can prepare a spawning area where they lay eggs for new aquatic life to appear.
Approximately 3 days later the eggs with hatch and fry will appear. For the best growth and healthy development feed newly fry hatched brine shrimp until large enough to accept crushed flake food.

The Habitat of an Angelfish

Plenty of space is essential for the Angelfish so they can swim freely and show-off their tropical and stunning features. To make sure these fish are well looked after ensure the tropical breed of fish has a well- planted tank of at least 30 gallons of fresh, crisp clear, yet slightly acidic water at a temperature between 24-26c.

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For more information follow the link below for video action on how to care for Angelfish: