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Autumn Season is Coming

Autumn Season is Coming

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Autumn Season is coming –

The Autumn season is coming, which means the days are getting noticeably shorter and the nights are closing in.

So being as Autumn is only around the corner we want to make sure you and your pets are prepped and ready for the harsh weather to come. For the dog owners that have to go through the trouble of walking their dogs through an almost mountain of red and brown leaves, we want to ensure your dog is dressed for the occasion.

When you are walking your dog during the Autumn season, you will be hit with some gale winds, which not even you pooches fur can withstand so we suggest giving them a bit more protection, so we recommend getting them a jacket that they can wear while they play at the park or even for your daily walking routine.

Here are three coats we would recommend;

  • Ancol Navy Blue Quilt Dog Coat – This quality Ancol Quilt Dog Coat is perfect for keeping your pooch snug, dry and warm when outdoors. It is ideal to keep your dog cosy when you are out and about and is particularly good for smaller dogs or long haired breeds as it will protect your canine friend’s coat from rain, mud, snow and the elements
  • Ancol Timberwolf Extreme Wax Dog Coat – For years, wax jakcets have protected their owners from the elements. The superior quality Timberwolf Extreme dog wax jacket is a traditional blanket style coat desgined for wet and cold weather protection. Impregnated with a fine covering of wax, the top material acts as a water barrer keeping the dog dry, whilst the cotton lining keeps the dog warm. It features Velcro chest and body straps and elasticated leg straps.

These three jackets could help make your walks in the park, well… a walk in the park!

Cats, Birds & Koi Carp

Don’t worry cat lovers we haven’t forgotten about you, in fact, we are going to cover Dogs, Cats, Birds And Koi Carp.

We think it’s safe to say that our cats will leave the house whatever the weather conditions, whether it’s 28 degrees or 8.

We recommend you try your utmost best to keep your cat indoors with you and the family during the winter to prevent your cat catching a serious illness. If your feline is insisting on being let out, make sure you keep track of how long you’ve let them out for so you can fetch them back in.

The most important thing you could do as a cat owner is to get their bed ready and warm for them to come back into, by doing this you are giving your cat a chance to habituate to the warmth because they have been exposed to the cold weather.

We would recommend leaving their bed in a well-heated room to get the bed to the right temperature and if you haven’t already we would recommend buying a blanket for them to lie on for extra comfort and warmth.


If you only keep birds inside then you won’t need to change anything other than the heat of the room but if you keep birds outside in an aviary, you will need to take a bit more action. We recommend giving their nest boxes a bit more bedding than usual, even though birds tend to live outside anyway they would appreciate some extra bedding to keep warmer during the night. This could help stop your bird from going into shock during the night and potentially prevent the death of new hatchlings that aren’t used to the colder weather.

Birds are good at regulating their own body heat and will naturally congregate in order to keep warm, so try not to worry too much but we suggest you take regular checks to see if they are okay.


When Autumn hits and the climate starts to get colder your Koi are always exposed to the colder weather while living in the pond. One thing to remember is in colder climates it is important to consider the depth of the pond because of seasonal temperature fluctuations; rapid changes in temperature will distress Koi. The deeper your pond is in proportion to the surface area, the less susceptible it will be to swing in the temperature. We would also recommend a change in their diet to a more nutritional diet to help protect them against the harsh weather and the freezing temperature of water.

If you are unsure of any of the information on this blog please feel free to come in store and ask one of our members of staff and they will provide you with everything you need to know or why not visit our social media pages where you can ask for more information and keep up to date with updates. Facebook, Twitter, or why not come in store and have a look for yourself;

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