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A home with a pet is simply incomplete without a pet bed. And at HugglePets, our selection of beds for all pets big and small is one with plenty of options to choose from. Maybe you need something ultra-soft for a cosy night’s sleep, or maybe something waterproof for those evenings in after a muddy day out — whatever the need, we’ve got something supportive, stylish and sleep-promoting.

Anti-Anxiety Donut Dog Bed

Does your dog suffer from anxious moments? Does loud noise or being left alone send them into a tailspin? Give them the ultimate cuddle refuge with the HugglePets Anti-Anxiety Donut! This super-soft, plush bed is designed to mimic the feeling of being lovingly embraced, providing security and comfort that melts away stress.

Comes in three colours: OatmealGrey and Pink
And three sizes: SmallMedium and Large

Deep Donut Dog Bed

Give your furry friend the ultimate cuddle spot with the HugglePets Deep Donut dog bed. This luxurious bed features a plush, velvety surface and a supportive, cushiony centre, creating a cosy haven your dog will love to curl up in.

Comes in one colour: Oatmeal 
And one size: 72cm (diameter)

Luxury Dog Cushion

Pamper your precious pooch with the epitome of canine comfort: the HugglePets Luxury Cushion. This sumptuously soft dog bed isn’t just a place to rest, it’s a luxurious haven your pet will adore, and love stretching out on.

Comes in three colours: Oatmeal, Charcoal and Pink
And one size: 100 x 70cm

Luxury Dog Lounger

Give your furry friend the five-star treatment they deserve
with the HugglePets Luxury Dog Lounger. This plush, rectangular haven boasts
supportive, raised sides that cradle your pup in comfort, offering a perfect
place to curl up for naps or nighttime dreams.

Comes in one colour: Oatmeal, Charcoal and Pink 
And three sizes: SmallMedium and Large

Luxury Plush Dog Lounger


Transform your pet’s relaxation time with the HugglePets
Luxury Plush Dog Lounger, the ultimate in canine comfort. This luxuriously soft dog
bed is designed to envelop your furry friend in a plush embrace, providing the
perfect spot to unwind and recharge.

Comes in two styles: Black & Oatmeal and Red & Oatmeal
And two sizes: Small and Medium

Luxury Dog Mattress

Imagine your dog sinking into a plush, cloud-like haven, crafted with premium, high-density foam that offers exceptional support for joints and muscles. Gone are the days of lumpy cushions and flimsy beds – the HugglePets Luxury Dog Mattress provides the luxurious comfort your dog deserves, night after night.

Comes in three colours: Oatmeal, Charcoal and Pink 
And one size: 97 x 68cm

Luxury Plush Dog Cushion

Surround your furry friend in unparalleled comfort with the HugglePets Luxury Plush Cushion. This ultra-soft dog bed is designed to envelop your pup in a cloud-like embrace, providing the perfect spot to relax and unwind.

Comes in two colours: Grey and Pink
And one size: 95 x 75cm

Water-Proof Dog Lounger


Looking for a luxurious haven for your furry friend? Look no further than the HugglePets Water-Proof Lounger! This plush dog bed offers the ultimate in comfort and security, allowing your pet to sprawl out and unwind in style.

Comes in two colours: Grey and Black
And two sizes: Small and Medium

Water-Proof Dog Mat

Life’s messy with a pup around, but that shouldn’t mean sacrificing comfort. The HugglePets Water-Proof Mat offers the perfect solution for your playful pal.  This durable mat stands up to muddy paws, overturning water bowls, and the occasional doggy drool.

Comes in three colours: Grey, Blue and Red
And three sizes: Small, Medium and Large

Water-Proof Dog Mattress


Spoil your pup with the ultimate lounging experience with
the HugglePets Water-Proof Mattress! This luxurious, one-size-fits-all bed
offers exceptional comfort and practicality for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Comes in two colours: Grey and Black
And one size: 104 x 65cm