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Treat Your Dog: The Best Dog Treats and Toys

Dog treats- Pet Goods OnlineHappy, jolly and full of life, your dog is ready to begin the fun with these dog treats. It’s time for the most exciting part of the day- playtime – take off the leash and incorporate some fun into your dog’s world of the play. The only way to make this happen is with Pet Goods Online selection of top dog toys; the chewy ones, the soft ones and the ones for spectacular obstacles!


These dog toys are guaranteed to provide plenty of dog fun for your dog!

Chew it, Tug it, Retrieve it!

It’s time for dog tug-of-war with the Ancol Dumbbell Flapper. Form even more of a bond with your dog with this playableDog treats- Ancol Dumbbell Flapper- Pet Goods Online and enjoyable dog toy. Do you have more than one dog? Chill and let your dogs have fun together. The dog toy is even multi-sensory which helps clean your pet pal’s teeth and gums- so your dog has a bright smile too!

Throw it, Catch it, Fetch it!


Dog treats- Ancol tennis ball and launcher-Pet Goods Online

Your Dogs fun doesn’t have to stay at home. Take your dog for an outdoor adventure and spoil your dog with some brand new Ancol Tennis Balls  – they’ll be bound to bark with excitement. How far can you throw? Hmmm! You may not be a javelin champ but you will be with the Ancol Tennis Ball Launcher- great for adventurous obstacles and increased levels of exercise.


 Snuggle, Cuddle and Love it!

Dog treats- Ancol Flower Dog- Pet Goods Online

If the outdoor adventure has been doggy eventful, it’s now time for some indoor play. Treat and brighten your dog’s day with a little, cute companion to snuggle and cuddle. The colourful Ancol Flower Dog is the perfect soft toy for when your dog wants to chill and relax.


Tasty Dog Treats

Nothing like a good dog treat! Lots of fun and playtime has increased your dog’s appetite- so it is time for some well-deserved dog treats! Shop in store or online for Pet Goods broad range of scrumptious and tasty pet treats. With so many brands and treats to choose from your dog will be spoiled for choice from; Roast Dog Bones, Chicken Sausages and Pedigree Gravy Bones Yummy! 

More Toys and Treats

We have a vast range of toys, treats, accessories and leads to spoiling your dog online at You can also follow us for the for the latest news and offers on Twitter @petgoodsonline, keep up to date with the latest activities on Facebook, watch and engage with action packed videos via our YouTube channel and explore through an array of funny and interesting content through our Instagram page. Join the social community and stay social with Pet Goods Online!