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Biopod – App Controlled Ecosystem

Biopod – App Controlled Ecosystem

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Biopod – App Controlled Ecosystem –

These Biopods are not just housing for your reptile. They are an app-controlled ecosystem which means you can fully replicate real environments, regulate temperature, light, humidity, ventilation and rainfall. This allowing you to control the settings manually! Creating the impeccable environment that your species requires and creating a fantastic visual display in your home or office!

The app for the Biopod is available for both IOS and Android. In addition, all Biopods are Wi-Fi connected, therefore ensuring all details are accessible to the app and Cloud, as well as the HD camera. It uses the integrated sensor which delivers feedback regularly with readings from the temperatures, humidity, rainfall, and ventilation. Feedback is then backed up to the Biopod Cloud, which analyzes all the information you’ve set to ensure its correct as well. In addition, having the app allows you to use the HD video feature, meaning you can monitor your enclosure from anywhere, including a fantastic time-lapse function!

Biopods that are available:

Biopod Eden is the start of revolutionary new enclosures. Ticking off everything you could need to successfully control and keep a living planted environment!

Biopod Terra is a larger environment which can house terrestrial species & a larger volume of live plants. Terra also allows you to keep a small group of a smaller species, giving them the perfect environment.

Biopod Aqua is designed specifically for aquatic, or semi-aquatic species. This is due to its deep base which can hold 34 gallons of water but still, has the same great features as the other Biopods!

The Biopod Aqua II is similar to the original Biopod Aqua. Instead, it is slightly taller and doesn’t have the ledge as in the original Aqua Biopod.

Biopod Grand is the largest of the range, it is for the true hobbyist and enthusiast! As result, providing you with up to a volume of 340.69l of space inside. This is a huge environment that can provide plenty of space for a few reptiles, and will give an incredible display when fully planted!


– Eden Dimensions (LxWxH) 47.37 x 31.75 x 35.56 cm. Volume 56.78 ltrs – 15 gal.

– Terra Dimensions (LxWxH) 62.61 x 38.10 x 35.56 cm. Volume 85.17 ltrs – 22.5 gal.

– Aqua Dimensions (LxWxH) 62.61 x 38.10 x 53.34 cm. Volume 128.70 ltrs – 34 gal.

– Aqua II Dimensions (LxWxH) 47.37 x 33.95 x 71.12 cm. Volume 115.45 ltrs – 30.5 gal.

– Grand Dimensions (LxWxH) 124.56 x 38.10 x 71.12 cm. Volume 340.69 ltrs – 90 gal.