Earth Rated

Earth Rated was founded by five long-time friends, all of whom are still here 10 years later, doing what they love every single day – making poop bags!

Earth Rated are big on going above and beyond to put people first. They have big hearts for dogs, so they’re working every day to find new and creative ways to help the ones in the shelter system, while also being there for the people who devote their time to making their lives better.

As a brand they know that the details matter. From the hook on the back of their dispensers to the odour masking technology of their bags, they are always evolving to stay on top of the needs of pet owners!

They stand behind their product quality 100%. As well as being committed to bringing you a great experience with their products every single time. Because when it comes to cleaning up pet mess, there is zero margin for error.

Earth Rated
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