WHISKAS® brand has been making food for cats since 1958 and they use this experience in everything they do. Not only are they committed to developing delicious products, they’re devoted to helping all cats live healthy and happy lives.

The WHISKAS® brand is there for the whole journey – as your cat grows with them, they are constantly looking for ways to improve their nutrition and care.

Whiskas believe the best way to help owners provide that care is through understanding a cat’s most natural instincts. The makers of WHISKAS® pride themselves on producing food that give cat owners the reassurance they are feeding their cat a healthy and tasty diet. They work with the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition to develop products that constantly improve nutrition and care. They ensure all their meals are full of the natural goodness your cat instinctively needs as well as always being nutritionally complete and balanced, helping the world’s cats to live healthier and happier lives.

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