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Water Dragon

How to Care for your Water Dragon

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Water Dragon Guide- Is a Water Dragon right for you?

Water DragonAre you thinking of getting a reptile pet? Perhaps a Water Dragon! It is important for you and your new Dragon to feel comfortable within each other’s presence. A beautiful shade of green makes it irresistible to take your eyes off their brightly coloured complexion. As a Water Dragon begins to mature it becomes greener in colour grasping the attention of your eyes even more. They are generally easy to tame providing that the are handled correctly.

Did you know?

Water Dragons have a pineal gland that can detect differences in light and help them identify a good basking spot. They are active during the day and sleep at night also known as being diurnal. Adult males can reach an optimum size of at least 3 feet in length, and adult females can reach up to 2 feet.

How to handle your Water Dragon?

Providing that you handle your pet dragon correctly, they are more tolerant when tamed. This can help you and your dragon friend to form a bond and become comfortable within each other’s presence. A hatchling or juvenile dragons may be more nervous, to begin with- they will need more time to adjust to their new surroundings and yourself. It is important your dragon adjusts to their surroundings before forming contacts. Water Dragons may turn a darker shade or hideaway in plants if they feel scared- Immediate contact such as picking them up straight away or even petting them can cause this.

Gently lift your dragon with both hands, one hand should be used to support the upper body so that it is resting in the palm of your hand. It is recommended you handle your new Water Dragon for at least 15-20 minutes a day. Once your dragon feels more familiarised with yourself, you can also try hand feeding or calling your dragon friend to see if they respond to your command.

Where should your Water Dragon live?

Water Dragons originate from the continent of Asia and parts of Australia. Like most reptiles, they are housed in an enclosed cage known as a vivarium. As arboreal (native to living in trees) reptiles; climbing branches and live or artificial plants will create more of a natural habitat. Dragons sure do enjoy swimming and relaxing in water- a fresh container of water should be within the enclosure for this purpose as well as for drinking and must be frequently changed to prevent infections.

Dragons thrive in a humid environment meaning you must ensure there are high levels of at least 80% of water vapour in the enclosure. A container of fresh water in the enclosure, as well as live plants and soil substrate, can keep humidity levels high. Also misting the cage a couple of times a day using a spray bottle will do the trick. These dragon lizards must have a  heat/light source they can bask under- This will enable your pet dragon to absorb calcium from the source which can prevent abnormalities. It is recommended that a hygrometer  (to check the levels of humidity) and a thermometer (to check the temperature levels)  is within the enclosure and regularly checked at interval times during the day.

Cage temperatures:

  • Daytime temperature- 84-88 Fahrenheit
  • Night time temperature – 75-80 Fahrenheit
  • Basking Temperature – 90 Fahrenheit

What should your Water Dragon eat?

As they are omnivores, they consume both plants and living creatures. A hatchling needs to be fed on a daily basis and although an omnivore, a diet higher in protein will decrease health problems. An adult will need to be fed 2-3 times a day to avoid becoming overweight.  Plants including; vegetables and fruit should only make up about 10 – 15% of their diet.

Your Pet Dragon will sure enjoy:  (live-foods available in store) 


Water Dragon


Water Dragon


Water Dragon

Place live-foods in a sealed container with a vitamin and mineral powder before serving to your Water Dragon. Never feed your Water Dragon insects you have found within your property or outside – those insects may be parasites which can cause health problems for your pet!

Ensure you follow the Water Dragon Guide

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