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Caring for your new hamster

Caring for your new hamster

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Caring for your new hamster –

This blog is going to provide you with all the tips and tricks to caring for your new Hamster.

Types of Hamster and keeping them happy –

Altogether there are 24 species of hamster, but only five can be kept as pets. These five breeds are Syrian, Campbell’s, Winter White, Roborovski and Chinese, all of which make very good pets and friends. Making sure that your hamster is safe and happy is a very important part of owning a hamster as they often require a lot of maintenance depending on size and age. The key to keeping your new hamster in ensuring that they are well fed, have clean bedding and have plenty of apparatus to use.

Hamsters are nocturnal –

As most of you may already know, hamsters are nocturnal animals which means they sleep through the day and are most active during the night. If you find that during the day your hamster may bite you unexpectedly, do not freak out and assume your pet hamster hates you, it just means that they have been woken from the sleep during the day. You’ll find that during the night you will find less biting because they are fully awake and active.

Are hamsters a great child’s first pet?

Hamsters are a great first pet for a child because they’re only a small animal, and they don’t need to be checked up on a regular basis but they can be high maintenance. For a child, a hamster can be a great start to looking after pets because it’s something they can handle because a hamster is so small. A child will need assistance from an adult in regards to cleaning and changing the bedding in the cage.

Products needed?

Pet goods online Hamster bowl

Bowl – When it comes to choosing a bowl for your hamster you don’t need to be an expert or speak to an expert, a simple bowl will do. These are the bowls we offer,

Pet goods online Hamster cage

CageWhen looking for a cage for your hamster, you will have to bear in mind the size of your hamster and how many hamsters you’re going to have. If you know you are only going to keep one hamster you can find our hamster starter kit, which comes with a cage and accessories to look after your hamster.

Pet goods online Hamster bedding

BeddingFor your hamster’s bedding, you won’t have to spend a fortune or look very far at all. For your hamster’s bedding, you can choose between a wool bedding which looks and feels like cotton wool or you can choose a paper-like material. To fill the cage so your hamster can run around you will only need a bale of shavings but make sure you keep on top of cleaning and changing the bedding. This is some bedding we offer.

Pet goods online Hamster food

Food and treatsThe most important part of looking after you hamsters are making sure that they are being fed correctly. Try not to feed your hamster too much or it will gain weight but at the same time don’t feed too little because it will starve. Giving your hamster treats will help keep him/her happy but be careful you don’t spoil them with treats. Here is an example of food  – Here is an example of treats.

Pet gods online Hamster toys

Toys – Toys are an essential part of taking care of a hamster, due to the fact that they are always spending time in an enclosed space. Toys will keep hamsters fit and healthy. They also keep them entertained. We recommend a hamster ball so that your hamster can get out of the cage and get around. Here is a toy we offer.

Pet goods online Hamster chews

ChewsYour hamster’s teeth are constantly growing and will not stop, which is why you will need to buy your hamster a chew to stop their teeth from getting too long. We offer a wide range of chews but here is one from our website. 

Even more Hamster Accessories

We have a wide range of treats, accessories, food, toys and leads to help with your new hamster online at You can also follow us for the latest news and offers on Twitter @Hugglepets and keep up to date with the latest activities on Facebook.