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Chameleon feeding and spraying

Chameleon feeding and spraying Q&A

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Chameleon feeding and spraying –

As promised, we have created a Q&A blog about Chameleon feeding and spraying, following our successful Facebook video, discussing how best to look after your Chameleons. Every month we will answer the questions you have submitted via our website and Facebook page for a specific pet. We kick off March with your chameleon questions.

Why should I give my chameleon calcium?

Mixing calcium with your chameleon’s food gives the chameleon extra bone strength so that they can live for longer. In the wild chameleons don’t live as long as they do in captivity. Due to the fact they aren’t getting enough calcium from the food they are eating. The calcium also offers your chameleon nutrients that they wouldn’t be able to find in the wild to help keep them healthy. Calcium with the Vitamin D3 is vital for chameleons that aren’t exposed to natural sunlight and ultraviolet light.

How do I know how much calcium to use?

When mixing the calcium with the food you are using (e.g. locust) you only want to put enough to cover them. We recommend using 1 – 2 tablespoons of calcium. This will leave some calcium leftover for future feeds.

Note: If your feed contains vitamin D3 you should be aware your chameleon may be sensitive to the chemical and the feed should only be administered carefully following the details from the supplier on the back of the package, as an overdose may cause toxicity.

When feeding your chameleon it may be hard to decide what size food to use. To measure what food to use, you simply put a locust in-between the chameleon’s eyes and if it fits it’s the right size for him or her to eat. If the food seems to be slightly bigger than the gap, this is still suitable because your chameleon will be able to chew the food down.

Why should I spray my chameleon and not my bearded dragon?

A chameleon and a bearded dragon are both reptiles but live under very different conditions. Chameleons live in the rainforest where the temperature is very humid, it also rains in the rainforest so it cools the rainforest. Spraying the vivarium replicates the habitat of the rainforest, and it allows the chameleons to drink water off the leaves. Also, spraying the chameleon allows it to absorb the water.

You don’t spray bearded dragons because they live in the desert which means there isn’t much/any water at all. They are able to survive longer without water. We still recommend leaving a bowl of water in their habitat as they will still need to drink.

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