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The Guide to Cleaning your Aquarium

reading time: 4 minutes

Cleaning your aquarium is a hands-on job and with a few cleaning techniques, it can be pristine and glowing and free from algae and residue in no time. As long as you clean your aquarium on a regular basis your aquatic species will remain happy and healthy – swimming and gliding through the crisp and clear fresh water. The aquarium should be cleaned about once a week- and after all, this is the best way to show off your aquatic species!

Here are a few supplies you’ll need to get your tank gleaming and sparkling clean:


Step 1: Let’s Get Started

Unplug the tanks filter or any other electrical units before you start your aquatic clean. You may want to remove any decorations such as; objects and artificial plants and clean them before placing back into the aquarium. Alternatively, you can clean them whilst in the aquarium with an algae sponge. Next prepare a fresh supply of water in a bucket and add some water conditioner. This will be used to refill the tank once you have cleaned the aquarium. The water conditioner will get rid of any lingering bacteria in the water.


Step 2: Time to remove the algae and residue

Clean the inside of the aquarium glass with a sponge. For the best results use the algae sponge in a circular and up and down motion to ensure the glass is thoroughly clean. There’s no need to struggle to clean the bottom of the aquarium tank just use a deep reach algae cleaner. Algae can develop in every healthy aquarium which is a normal occurrence but a buildup of algae is far from it. For more information check out Controlling Algae Buildup.


Step 3: Syphon your way through the Aquarium

It is recommended you syphon out 20 percent of the water from the volume of the tank to clear debris and to ensure your aquatic species aren’t disturbed in their living environment. Using the syphon! Place the vacuum head in the water and use the compression to pump air in and out of the tube to suck up all the residue into your bucket or container. You can then use the syphon to vacuum the gravel stones to get rid of any lingering bacteria and algae.


Step 4: The finishing touches to the Aquarium

Smooth over the gravel with a gravel spatula or a fishing net. Add in the new water supply with water conditioner you prepared by pouring it into the tank or using the syphon to pump it in from the bucket or container. Then place the clean decorations back into the tank. Finally, switch on the tanks filter and watch your aquatic species glide and swim through their clean crystallised water palace. There’s no algae or grime here!


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