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Controlling Algae Buildup

Controlling Algae Buildup

Controlling Algae BuildupControlling Algae Buildup- A buildup of Algae in the aquarium is an unwanted substance that lingers in the tank contaminating the habitat of your living species and their environment.

Did you know?

Algae contain chlorophyll and reproduce from natural resources including; light, nutrients, water temperature and bacteria.

Take control of Algae and prevent it from; crawling its way across the glass, dispersing new growth on the gravel stones and decorations and contaminating your freshwater and aquatic species.  Algae can develop in every healthy aquarium which is a normal occurrence but a build of algae, however, is far from it. Algae has a fast growth rate – you could say a never-ending growth spurt!

What problems can Algae buildup cause?

  • Green and cloudy aquarium water
  • Increased algae growth
  • Toxic aquarium water
  • Lack of oxygen source
  • Fish poisoning

How to minimise the risk of Algae build up?

Clean your aquarium once a week; this includes; removing the algae with a sponge or algae deep cleaner from the tanks enclosure and ornaments, syphoning out some water and debris and a fresh water change. Click here for ‘The Guide to Cleaning your Aquarium’.

Don’t overfeed your aquatic species more than the required amount. Algae thrive on bacteria and waste from faeces and food particles left to rot. Also overfeeding your fish can cause health problems including; ammonia poisoning and oxygen depletion.

Algae can grow rapidly from light including; natural sources from sunlight and artificial sources from bulbs. Limit the amount of light by positioning your aquarium away from direct sunlight and switching off your lights during the later part of the day.

You don’t have to be the only one controlling Algae buildup:

Don’t let Algae build up to get the best of your Aquarium? There are indeed some fish that can give you hand and ensure your aquarium is clean and fresh and free from algae build up. These species are known to eat the algae in the aquarium.

Meet the Algae Eating Fish Cleaners! (Available in store)

Sucking Loach & Golden Sucking Loach

These aquatic algae cleaners are generally the gravel stone and ornament vacuum cleaners.

Did you know?

It’s sucking-disc allows it to keep its position in fast flowing streams and rivers whilst feeding on algae.

Controlling Algae Buildup


Plecs are generally the cleaners of your tanks enclosure and ornaments working its way round the tank attaching its disc-shaped mouths.

Did you know?

The Plecostomus has the ability to block out light with its omega iris.

Controlling Algae Buildup

The Corydoras – The Bronze- The Albino & The Peppered

The Corydoras are the cleaners of the gravel stones sifting through and eating algae and residue.

Did you know?

The upper part of their mouth has 2 barbels which help locate algae around the tank.

Controlling Algae Buildup

Borneo Sucker

These algae eating fish are usually found diminishing the algae from the tanks enclosure and ornaments.

Did you know?

Borneo suckers can reach an optimum size of 4 inches.

Controlling Algae Buildup

The most important thing is to ensure your aquatic species are happy and healthy swimming and gliding in habitat that is fresh and clean– controlling algae buildup will sure play a part. Check out ‘The Guide to Cleaning your Aquarium’.

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