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Get £1.50 Off With This Peckish Winter Deal

Get £1.50 Off With This Peckish Winter Deal

A lot of homeowners love to have a lively garden that the local bird wildlife can come and enjoy but sadly, this becomes a rarity in the winter – the winter season is particularly tough on garden birds, as the cold weather makes the ground much harder, reducing the number of worms and insects that they can get to and eat. This results in a lot of British birds flying south in the winter for their survival.

But there is hope for our feathered field-bound friends yet – experts believe that an increase in bird feeders during this time could result in a number of bird species not needing to migrate at all. And here at HugglePets, we want to keep the birds in your garden going all year round – there’ll be no need to fly south!

Starting from today, we’ve got a brand-new deal on for customers who are interested in giving their birds a much-needed winter boost with the Peckish range of bird feeding products.

If you buy a bag of Peckish Winter Warmer Seed Mix 1.7kg along with a Peckish Secret Garden Seed Feeder and use the code “PECK1”, you’ll get £1.50 off your total order. This is a great way to start bird feeding as both the feeder and seed mix are easy to use and can be placed in your garden in no time, getting a head start on the cold and frosty days that are quickly approaching.

Peckish Winter Warmer 1.7Kg

The Peckish Winter Warmer Seed Mix is packed with 9 different ingredients, giving high energy to a wide variety of birds in the winter season. During winter, natural food resources are low due to the ground being harder as a result of cold temperatures, so the Winter Warmer Seed Mix is extra high in fat to help the birds survive. Additionally, the included Calvita® Vitamin Mix ensures that the feed is healthy for regular consumption.

Peckish Secret Garden Seed Feeder

The Peckish Secret Garden Seed Feeder is both a decorative and practical choice for your garden. The lid and base are easily removable for filling with seeds & nuts. Key features include a seed tray to prevent mess & waste, a decorative leaf design, antique finish, and hard-wearing metal.


Winter is a difficult time for the bird population, but with a helping hand from HugglePets and Peckish, they can be regular visitors to our gardens right through till spring. For any questions, queries or concerns, leave a reply below or contact us on Facebook.