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hand taming birds

Hand Taming Birds

Hand Taming BirdsHand Taming Birds requires time and patience, however, with a few steps your pet birdie will be perching (sitting) on your hand. The earlier you start taming the better – juvenile (baby) birds are generally easier to tame that older birds but nevertheless, you can still form the bond!

Tweety Tips and Advice to encourage Hand Taming

  • If you own a young bird or are thinking of becoming a bird keeper the best way to start bonding would be to hand feed your juvenile so they get used to human interaction. You can encourage hand taming with food and treats with mature birds too! Birds can become more receptive to come to you with treats.Hand Taming Birds
  • Ensure you provide a comfortable cage for your birdie to feel at home and flight back to.
  • Fun Bird Adventures! Toys are also a good way to start hand taming! Hang some toys whether it’s in or out the cage. Make a place your Birdie will feel comfortable to come back to.
  • Time to spend some quality time! Allow your birdie to get used to your presence before handling. Spend some time near the cage and observe your tweety companion.
  • Hand Taming BirdsStep it up! Placing a wooden perch near your Birdies chest at least once or twice daily will encourage them to step onto it and most of all make the handling taming process a lot easier.  


Once your birdie is used to your presence it’s now time to start Hand Taming!

The Hand Taming Process

If you wish to, wear appropriate gloves to handle your bird as claws can be quite sharp. Place your hand in the cage the same way you would with a perch. Repeat this routine at interval times during the day until your bird feels comfortable to climb on your hand. Finally Accomplished! Time to remove your hand from the cage – Slow movement and control will be better for your birdie to get used being on your hand. Don’t forget to treat your bird to something tasty once mastering hand taming. You may even want to gently groom your tweety friend.

Remember to be calm and patient!

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