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Holiday Hazards for Your Pets

Holiday Hazards for Your Pets

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Holiday Hazards for Your Pets

Holiday Hazards for Your Pets –

In this blog, we’re going to take a quick look at a few potential hazards you and your pet may face this Christmas.

Chocolate –  

Now there is no denying that we all love chocolate and our pets are the same but the difference is that we can break down the compounds in chocolate much faster than dogs can. This is why chocolate is so bad for them. Especially dark chocolate. Try to keep your dog away from chocolate by all means necessary, in severe cases, it can cause seizures or even death.

Alcohol – 

You should never be giving your pet alcohol in the first place, but if your cat just happens to be sniffing around your glass of wine you should move it. Alcohol depresses the nervous system and can cause your pet to be disorientated or sick. The reason it can be so fatal is as simple as this; their bodies aren’t built to process and digest alcohol, even rum cake can cause a lot of problems to them.

Decorations – 

We all know the story don’t we, you’re putting your Christmas decorations up and the dog goes absolutely wild over all the shiny baubles and tinsel. It may look funny but there are a lot of hazards involved. Tinsel contains wire on the inside and if swallowed can scratch your pet’s insides. Baubles are just as bad, they’re easily broken and because they’re circular your dog loves them. Just make sure to keep an eye on your dog if you do let them play.

Leftovers – 

You’re sitting there eating your Christmas dinner and your dog is sitting there giving you his best puppy dog eyes. You must remember that your dog can’t digest all the oil and fatty foods in your dinner like you can. If you do want to share with your pet give them a small amount and make sure there are no bones in the meat. A swallowed bone could cause a lot of serious internal damage.

Noise – 

The holidays are a noisy time of year with all the kids running around. The family might have come over and had a few too many, but don’t forget about your pet when you’re having fun and give them a quiet room to go to. Especially around new years, with all the fireworks and celebrations going on it will be very stressful for your pet.

These are just a couple of the hazards your might face this holiday season so remember to keep yourself and your pets safe.

Happy Holidays!


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