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How to Puppy-Proof Your Home

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How to Puppy-Proof Your Home

Puppy-proofing your home is essential when welcoming a new member of the family! Here, we’ll give you our tips on what to do to keep your dog out of trouble!


Your Living Room

First of all, make sure your pup has plenty of toys to keep them occupied and out of trouble! You should have a cage or play pen that acts as your dog’s safe space, where your dog can sleep in comfort and keep all their favourites!

Prevent electrical accidents by keeping loose cables hidden away and secured together. If puppies are persistent, keep them completely enclosed. Also, house plants may be dangerous if consumed, so always check before leaving them out (and, bear in mind, plant pots can always be knocked on the floor, too!)

Your Kitchen

Beware of food that might be poisonous if consumed – chocolate, onions, alcohol, nuts, and grapes, to name a few. Likewise, keep an eye on bins and waste.

Laundry detergents and chemicals you might keep in cupboards will also be a potential target for puppies, so child-locks are great to keep noses out! On top of these, sharp knives are of course a hazard.

Your Bathroom

It’s important to puppy-proof your bathroom’s several risks. As with detergents above, chemicals such as bleach, plus any medications and even toothpaste, should be kept stored away where dogs can’t get to them, preferably in a high cupboard.

Another tip is to keep the toilet lid closed – this’ll stop puppies drinking from the bowl and poking around when it’s been cleaned. It will also keep them from clumsily falling in!

Your Bedroom

Clothes will be a target for dogs, so puppy-proof your bedroom by keeping socks and other chewable items (not forgetting jewellery and other miscellanea) tidied away. You might even want to invest in a gate, like a baby gate, or stair gate, to keep your dog out of your bedroom (or any part of the house) during the day, or night.

Your Garden

Dogs love a good garden, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t issues you might need to fix! Firstly, if your puppy’s a digger, ensure they stay in your garden! You may want to lay down some net beneath the grass in extreme cases. Some may recommend creating a special area to hide things for your pet to keep them out of trouble elsewhere! Definitely patch up fence holes, even if they don’t dig.

Pesticides and insecticides, and any other treatments and chemicals that might be kept in gardens, sheds, or garages, need to be cleaned up. If not, they could cause serious illness. Sharp tools and rusty nails are also things to acknowledge and remove. Always supervise puppies in the garden.

Hopefully this blog has helped you to create an inviting home, where your dog to be safe and happy!

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