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Keeping pets cool

Keeping Pets Cool this Season

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Keeping Pets Cool this Season

Keeping pets cool- Too much heat can be exhausting and dangerous. While hot weather can encourage people to go outdoors pets included, it is important to be aware of the effects of too much heat. Let’s combat a dog from feeling drowsy, a rabbit from becoming dehydrated and a cat looking depressed!

Too much heat can cause:Keep pets cool this season

  • Dehydration

  • Drowsiness and tiredness

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Sunburn 

  • And can even be fatal

Let’s take action! Here are a few pet care tips:

  • The fun doesn’t stop on a hot day- Bring your pets indoor for some play or why not provide
    a paddling pool in the shade!
  • With hot temperatures rising ensure your pets cages are out of direct sunlight
  • A hot dog is an unhappy dog – ensure they have a fresh supply of air in the car journey- wind down the windows and pop that aircon on – ahh nothing like a cool breeze on a hot day! Never leave your pet in the car- hot temperatures can be fatal
  • Don’t have aircon? how’s about opening the window and putting the fan on indoors – this will surely reduce the feeling of a hot atmosphere
  • Early morning and evening walks with your pet pals would be the perfect time to go on an outdoor adventure and miss the heat  
  • Ensure your pets have plenty of fresh water available- to keep their energy levels up and prevent dehydration- you could even add in some ice cubes- ahh refreshing! 
  • Time for a pamper and groom- brush through matted and tangled fur- a tangled free coat will protect your pet friends skin
  • Paws up! How’s about misting your pet’s paws and body using a spray bottle or pad

Here are some of our cooling supply of products to keep pets cool this season:

The Ancol Cooling Vest

Keep Pets Cool

The Ancol Cooling Vest retains moisture for hours ensuring your dog keeps cool.






 The Ancol Pet Cooling Mat 

Keep pets cool

Reduce the temperature of your pet pal by 7°C with the Ancol Pet Cooling Mat! – Nice and cool free from heat.


ProRep Pressure Spray 

Keeping Pets Cool

Keep your reptile friends enclosures humid with the Prorep Pressure Spray!





Nothing like a good hose down- Ahh!

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