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Keeping your cat calm during the Firework Season

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Keeping your cat calm during the Firework Season

Cats can be a little bit harder to keep inside as the majority love being outdoors and exploring. The best thing you can do it provide a space for your cata, so they know that there is a space for them to be safe and hide. Using the following could help;

  • A cave or bed
Trixie Lera Cat Cuddly Cave
Rosewood Luxury Tunnel Cat Bed
Rosewood 40 Winks Teddy Bear Cat Bed
Ancol Cat Cave














  • Blankets
Trixie Fleece Beany Pet Blanket
Trixie Feather Pet Blanket








A hidden place is a perfect option for you if you have a cat that can get quite nervous. Showing that they have a safe place to go can be successful when they are fearful or nervous.

Cats can become stressed when they are outside, so ensure you have a cat flap fitted in your door to ensure that they can come home and into the comfort when they have had enough of the loud noises outside. All cats are different and not all of them will be fearful of the sound of the fireworks, but ensuring you have the option there for your cat can help then settle more.


Microchipping any pet is important. Cats are entitled to be microchipped between five and eight weeks old. Microchipping is a requirement by law and is a useful piece of technology. It is essential to keep the information up to date with your local vet. Ensuring this would improve the chances of finding your cat if on the chance that your cat gets startled and runs out of the house during the night.

There are some other suggestions that we can give to all of our cat owners to help provide them with the best products that can help with keeping your cat calm during the firework season.

Click the images below to find out more information on how you can keep that pet calm.



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