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Learn with Dogs Trust│Be Dogs Smart │Safety around dogs

reading time: 3 minutes

Please find all information on the Dogs Trust page, Learn with Dogs.

This is just part two of 3 blogs on how to be safe around dogs, please find part 1 here and part three here. This part of the blog is going to tell you the appropriate behaviour that children to undertake to remain safe around dogs.

Teaching children how to behave around dogs is important. It only takes a second for a child to get hurt and you, the adult, are the one responsible at all times to put a stop to any potential risky situations. 


Kids running and shouting around a dog

Children who are shouting, running around and playing noisily can easily frighten a dog. Chasing a dog can also get them over excited and the dog might nip because they think the child wants to play.

Invading dog’s space

Dogs need space and they may feel threatened by having someone trying to kiss or hug them. Yes, some dogs do tolerate it, but it is safer for the child not to do it.

Ear pulling/Eye poking

Small children particularly may pull and poke at a dog, which could hurt or irritate the dog. Teach your child never to do this a hurt or worried dog might bite.


Teasing a dog

Teasing a dog can make it angry or frustrated enough to bite. For instance, if a dog has food or a toy, kids should never try to take it away.


Let sleeping dogs lie!

Dogs can feel particularly vulnerable when they are sleeping, eating or drinking. Kids should be encouraged to leave them alone at these times. Dogs, like us, need their space or they could react badly.


Teaching children how to behave around dogs is important. However, you can not count on the child, or the dog, to remember the rules of safe behaviour.

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