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Legacy Collection

A range of leather dog accessories to give any pup that classic country feel in a fresh new look.

Handcrafted by experts, with over 40 years of family-taught experience, to deliver pure excellence for canines all over the UK.

HugglePets Legacy Leather - 2 in 1

A trusty accessory that wraps elegantly around your dog’s neck to give them that heritage feel, completed by an antique brass ring and buckle, gorgeously contrasting the warm and rich tones of the leather with a bold metallic look.

Comes in 6 sizes and 3 colours.

A stylish and robust lead that connects to a dog’s collar or harness with its antique brass swivel trigger, anchored by a premium leather material that’ll endure many walks for years to come.

Comes in 1 size and 3 colours.

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