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At HugglePets, we don’t just provide pet food, housing and accessories — we’ve also got some beautiful aquatic and reptilian critters in store who are raring to go to a good home. All of these amazing animals are looked after by our expert in-store staff, all trained in animal handling and knowledgeable on giving the best care. So, if you’re planning to take one home and make them part of the family, we’ve got all the know-how you need to make that transition completely seamless.

Check out some of our in-store animal rooms below!

Sensory Aquarium

Our immersive aquarium with low lights and silent pumps not only caters to those with sensory issues, but hosts a wide range of aquatic life in its rich array of tanks.

Animals often seen in here include:

  • goldfish
  • barbs
  • cichlids
  • labs
  • plecos
  • gouramis

Reptile Room

If you fancy an immersive experience akin to walking in the Amazon, check out our room dedicated to reptiles and invertebrates — complete with a lush rainforest soundscape.

Animals often seen in here include:

  • geckos
  • mantises
  • snakes
  • spiders
  • crabs
  • frogs
  • newts
  • scorpions

Pond & Wildlife Room

Tying into HugglePets in the Community, this space was envisioned as a way to educate young people on the water cycle and aquaponics/hydroponics, while also showing off some beautiful koi.

Animals often seen in here include:

  • koi
  • sturgeon
  • carp
  • orfes

Need some help with your pet? Check out all of our animal care sheets here!