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Spring Cleaning- Pet Goods Online

Pet Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning- For Your Pets

Spring Cleaning- The flowers are blossoming, new buds are sprouting, the rain and Spring Cleaning- Pet Goods Online shine are here to welcome the spring season. Rise and shine -it is time for a pet spring clean. Ensure your dog’s playpen is a place for play and comfort. Refill you cat’s litter tray.  Scoop out the poop in the rabbit hutch. Wipe away the grime in the aquarium. Keeping your pet’s environment pristine is highly essential for their health and well-being so do ensure their homes are regularly cleaned.

Spring Cleaning the Aquarium – Fish

In the aqPet Goods Online-Fish- Spring Cleaning uarium swims and glides the beautiful species of fish; Black Shark, Cardinal Tetra and Angel Fish- Tropical, bold, small and large.

  • Cleaning an aquarium is a hands-on job so make sure you have sufficient time set aside. The water must be clear and fresh, and the ornaments should be sparkling clean free from green algae and grime.
  • Aquarium Paradise glow! – wipe away the smudges and then polish the glass
  • Finishing touches! Add water conditioner, aquarium salt and a rocky landscape, to give your fish a natural environment.

Check out the Guide to Cleaning your Aquarium and Controlling Algae Buildup

Spring Cleaning the Vivarium- Reptiles

Pet Goods Online- Reptile-Spring Cleaning In the wild vivarium jungle, creeps and crawls the cold-blooded reptiles; lizards, snakes, and tortoises. The reptile surroundings should be spotless and well maintained to prevent infection and allow your reptile to live in a clean and tidy reptile habitat.

  • Prevent skin and bacterial infection by capturing and removing dirt from the glass to create a reptile home of perfection.
  • Squirt and spray away lingering odours and limescale (in the air and on ornaments) to prevent the reptile pets catching an infection. 
  • Eliminate discolouration by regularly changing the water to keep water crystal clear as the reptiles need to cool off here.  

Spring Cleaning for Small and Big Pets

Cages, Kennels, and litter trays need to be kept maintained, small orPet Goods Online- Spring Cleaning big furry pets should be housed in a comfortable home.

  • There’s no poop or uneaten food here! Replace the bedding and remove any debris!
  • Pets are always scratching and rubbing against various objects which can encourage fleas, mites and ticks. Always remember to use the flea spray more often this season. It’s also time for a regular check up at the vets to ensure the pets are free from those nasty pests.
  • Time for grooming! Small pets that have long hair will need grooming; so use a non-scented shampoo, a brush to detangle fur, and a small pair of animal nail clippers to keep your pet maintained.

Don’t forget to treat your pet. Perhaps some yummy snacks or even a brand new toy!

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