Ancol Acticat Tree House Activity Centre

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Acticat Activity Centre with Catnip

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Ancol Acticat Tree House Activity Centre

Ancol Acticat Tree House Activity Centre –

A cat can cause damage in your home by scratching on your sofa or curtains or any other furniture.

It is very important that you keep them entertained and have somewhere that they can physically and mentally exert themselves.

This fantastic cat activity centre is just the thing to keep your kitty entertained for hours at a time. The sisal rope that the masts of the activity centre are made from are perfect for keeping your cats claws from growing to long and sharp. They can scratch and rasp on the sisal ropes for hours.

This ultimate activity centre with plush pod, and super high platform, perfect cats with a head for heights. Sisal rope poles and ladder up to first floor.

With the different levels of this activity centre your cat has plenty of different aspects angles and sections to entertain themselves.

If you have more than one cat you will see that your cats use the activity centre to play fight and chase each other until they are so tired they relax in the bed on the top of the activity centre.

The colour of the Acticat activity centre mainly is a Dark Brown material with sisal rope sections.

Includes catnip.

This giant Cat tree stands at a total height of 140cm (Approx)

140cm (Height)    

74cm (Length) – Including Ladder     

45cm (Width)

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Acticat Tree House Scratch Post With Platform – MPN : 706200

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