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Aqua One AmmoStop


Aqua One AmmoStop

Aqua One AmmoStop –

Instantly improves water quality by neutralising harmful levels of ammonia and nitrite to levels safe for fish.

Regular partial water changes are recommended for maintaining water quality,

along with building a good biological bacteria culture in your filter by regularly using Aqua One’s Bio Starter.

Directions for use:

  • Add one capful (10ml) per 100L of aquarium water whenever ammonia/nitrite levels become too high.
  • Repeat dosage daily along with water changes until water quality returns to a safe level.

Water volume calculation:

To calculate your approximate aquarium water volume: (Length x Width x Height in cm) = then divide by 1000 for liters

Top tip:  Test your water quality regularly

Suitable for: Coldwater, Tropical and Marine Aquariums

Size Available:

  • 300ml (treats 3000L)
  • 150ml (treats 1500L)

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