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Aqua One Aquarium Glass Quartz GH Heater



Aqua One Aquarium Glass Quartz GH Heater

Aqua One Aquarium Glass Quartz GH Heater –

Utilises high quality, shatter-resistant quartz glass and incorporates thermal cut-off technology.

Safe for fish with the heater casing which will then prevent them from coming into direct contact with the heating element.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Shatter-resistant quartz glass
  • Also with strong protective casing
  • Fully submersible
  • LED indicator light
  • Adjustable temperature range of 20°C to 34°C
  • Heater casing then protects fish from coming into direct contact with the heating element
  • The heater incorporates thermal cut-off technology. When the water reaches the set temperature the heater will shut off, and switches back on once the temperature drops
  • Adhesive suction cups to also secure your heater to the aquarium
  • Suitable for use in glass, plastic or acrylic aquariums
  • Available in 5 sizes

Suitable For: Coldwater, Freshwater Tropical and Marine.

From Nano Aquarium Heaters to Standard Glass Aquarium Heaters and then Premium Thermo Cut Off heaters, there is one within the range to suit your needs.

Our heaters range from 10W – 300W output so there is always one that is designed for your size aquarium and to ensure that the temperature is maintained at the desired level at all times.

GH Heaters Available:

  • 50 Quartz Glass Heater 50W
  • 100 Quartz Glass Heater 100W – For Aquariums up to 100ltr 30cm long
  • 200 Quartz Glass Heater 200W –  For Aquariums up to 200ltr 35cm long
  • 300 Quartz Glass Heater 300W – For Aquariums up to 300ltr 41cm long
  • 500 Quartz Glass Heater 500W – For Aquariums up to 300ltr 46cm long

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50w – MPN : 15050
100W – MPN : 15051
200w – MPN : 15052
300W – MPN : 15053
500W – MPN : 15054

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