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Aqua One Filter Sock


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Aqua One Filter Sock

Aqua One Filter Sock –

This filter sock is 200 micron mesh, due to this it traps fine particles such as uneaten food and microalgae. This stops these particles from entering the sump and circulating back into the aquarium.

The mechanical pre-filter action also reduces detritus in the sump, helping to improve water quality and maintaining water clarity, providing a healthier environment for fish.

Note: To ensure the filter sock works efficiently, it is recommended to clean the sock when performing routine maintenance to the aquarium. Rinse the sock under running tap water, do not use soap or detergents. If the filter becomes damaged, visit your local Aqua One retailer for a replacement.

Dimensions: 12 x 11.5 x 26.5cm


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12×11.5×26.5cm – MPN: 50104