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Aqua One Gravel Cleaner

Aqua One Gravel Cleaner –

The Aqua One Vac-A-Tank gravel cleaner is designed to be user friendly since it has a self-starting siphon model.

Use the Vac-A-Tank gravel cleaner as an aid to your vital hassle-free routine water changes and tank cleaning as an effortless chore.

Key Features:

  • Self-starting siphon model.
  • Perfect slim profile.
  • Designed for constricted hard to access places.
  • Will clean your gravel of waste substances for a healthier aquarium.
  • Enhances the health of all your tank inhabitants.

During your partial water change, as the water is exiting your aquarium, simply plunge the gravel cleaner into the gravel whilst the natural siphoning actions of the water extracts the dirt and carries it up the tube and out of the aquarium.

Sizes Available:

  • 9″-16″ (23cm-40cm)
  • 5″ (12.5cm)
  • 9″ (23cm)
  • 10″ (25cm)
  • 16″ (40cm)
  • 24″ (60cm)

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Aqua One is a leading supplier of quality aquariums & accessories that not only deliver the best possible environment for fish, but also add style and elegance to your home.

View the most extensive range of fish tanks, equipment and décor available on the market… We trust you will enjoy your Aqua One products.

For over 25 years Aqua One as a global Brand with the global HQ based in Sydney, Australia.

In 2014 the brand launched in the UK . It quickly accomplished itself as a big player in the UK aquatic trade.

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