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Aquarium Systems Instant Cichlid Salt


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Aquarium Systems Instant Cichlid Salt

Aquarium Systems Instant Cichlid Salt –

Salt for African Cichlids.

Stabilises the pH and the osmotic pressure of the water in the aquarium and also facilitates the acclimatization of newly imported wild fish.

We recommend that you add the amount of salt for the volume of water changed according to the initial hardness of the water. You can adjust the conductivity by adding salt 24 hours after the introduction of the initial dose.

Especially recommended for all species from the great African lakes (Tanganyika – Malawi).

Pour the salt directly into the filter so that it dissolves slowly. Do not dilute Instant Cichlid salt beforehand to avoid a too rapid rise in pH.

We also recommend a water change of 50% of the volume of the aquarium every week.


  • Tanganyika: 600 µS / cm2. – 700 µS / cm2
  • Malawi: 250 µS / cm2 – 500 µS / cm2
  • Victoria: 100 µS / cm2 – 300 µS / cm2

Contents/Weight: 400g/2250L

Praised by aquarists all over the world, Aquarium Systems has been offering unique know-how for more than fifty years intended for both public and private aquariums.

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AS Instant Cichlid Salt 400g/2250L – MPN : 1VAC004