Arcadia Dry Vivarium Controller 30W

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Arcadia Dry Vivarium Controller 30W

Arcadia Dry Vivarium Controller 30W –

Product Information; Rated to IP64, these Arcadia Dry T8 controllers can be used to power and also control T8 fluorescent reptile lighting in dry environments.

These include desert vivariums where humidity is extremely low – perfect for pets like bearded dragons and also uromastyxs.

Overview – The Dry T8 Vivarium Controller is perfect for T8 tubes that maintain the needs of desert reptiles in captivity, also giving them the UV and light they need to survive.

Reptiles that would also benefit from a T8 tube light (12%) UVB in a dry desert habitat include:

  • Bearded Dragons
  • Leopard geckos
  • Blue-tongued Skink
  • Frilled Lizard
  • Uromastyx
  • Tortoises
  • Agamids

750/900mm x 26mm – 30″/36″ (30W, 240V 50Hz)

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