Arcadia EarthPro Supplement Starter Kit

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Arcadia EarthPro Supplement Starter Kit

Arcadia EarthPro Supplement Starter Kit is an easy to use everyday supplement kit. It contains 4 essential mixes for vitamin and mineral provisions, shedding and insect live feeders;

  • Earth Pro-A 50g
  • Earth Pro Calcium Pro-Mg 40g
  • Earth Pro Shed Support 5 capsules
  • Earth Pro Insect Fuel Gold (gel based gutloader) 50g
  • A6 colour double sided user guide

This is a perfect starter kit for beginners and experts alike, providing you with everything you need to get started,

EarthPro-A – 50g

  • Totally natural and non-toxic
  • Natural mineral clay = Full Spectrum
  • Use at every Feed
  • Long Life, re-sealable pouch

CalciumPro Mg – 40g

  • Contains Bio-available Magnesium
  • Helps to ensure bone, Neurological and Muscular health
  • Maximise calcium assimilation, storage and use
  • For health, for life, for reproduction

 InsectFuel -20g

  • Easy to feed wholefood JellyPot
  • Treat foods for Reptiles and Livefoods
  • Do it yourself JellyPot Gold provides a real ‘all natural’ nutrition in a fun to make Jelly – the perfect treat for your reptiles or as a nutritious Gutloader

ShedSupport – 15g

  • Totally natural and non-toxic
  • Use over the shedding period
  • Dosed and Capsulated
  • Long-life and re-sealable pouch

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Everyday supplement kit
  • Contains 4 essential mixes for daily use
  • Perfect for beginners and experts alike

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