Arcadia LumenIZE Pro T5 12% Desert UVB Kit



Arcadia LumenIZE Pro T5 12% Desert UVB Kit

Arcadia LumenIZE Pro T5 12% Desert UVB Kit offers the latest technology for your reptile, with a Bluetooth controlled lighting unit that allows you to completely customise the UVB output to your reptile throughout the day. This means the ability to create a natural dawn, day, and dusk cycle, ensuring reptiles are living in a more wild-like world. Along with matching LumenIZE Jungle Dawn LED Bars that can be connected and controlled alongside, the LumenIZE Pro T5 Kit comes as a 6%, 12%, and 14% UVB options, as well as ShadeDweller 7% and Max 2.4%. With the ability to link up to 10 units together off one power unit, and control up to 50 bulbs off the LumenIZE App, this gives you complete control to provide the perfect lighting for any and all of your species.

The LumenIZE App allows you to set specific cycles through the day for your reptile, allowing you to dim and increase the power output for both LED and UVB lighting. This means you can offer a relaxed increase in UVB output across the morning, with a strong mid-day natural sun level for just a few hours of the day, rather than from turning on first thing. Creating this natural circadian rhythm for your reptile not only reduces stress and improves their welfare, but also offers a great energy saving to you of around 30% on average.

Within the App, you can name each lighting unit, and once you’ve decided the perfect setting for you reptile, you are able to copy and paste this to other bulbs if they suit. The App can be password protected, and shared access means that it can either be restricted or shared among any other users that may require access. A handy Notes section allows you to keep track of any important events as well. It includes an internal battery within the light unit itself, so in the result of a power cut the data will not be lost, and time does not “stand still”, but would come back at the correct setting when full power is restored.

A new lamp fitting means seating the bulb itself is easier than ever, with a simple push fit and then lock feature to ensure a secure and watertight fit. The LumenIZE is IP65 rated, meaning it is suitable for arid and rainforest enclosures, as well as over water bodies such as paludariums and aquariums

Key Features:

  • Dimmable UVB 12% lighting Kit
  • Free Bluetooth App, with control of up to 50 bulbs
  • IP65 rated with new easy-change bulb fitting
  • Internal battery for back up power to keep all settings
  • 30% average energy saving on standard lighting units
  • Linking available of up to 10 units, Pro T5 to Pro T5, or with LumenIZE Jungle Dawn LED Bars (cables sold separately)
  • Offers a unique natural wild-like lighting cycle to reduce stress and improve animal welfare
  • Ideal for day to day, or can be used to set breeding or brumation seasonal variations

Whats Included?

Each Pro T5 Kit comes with the housing unit, power cable, built in reflector, and relevant size 12% UVB bulb. There is details of how to download and set up the Arcadia LumenIZE App, as well as full information on the Ferguson Zones and UVI lighting guides.

Linking cables to put multiple LumenIZE Kits to one power unit are sold separately.


  • 12% 24w – 59.5cm
  • 12% 39w – 89.5cm
  • 12% 54w – 119.5cm

Care instructions: Monthly, open the app and hold full power to refresh. The battery lasts for up to 3 years and can be replaced using the instructions provided. Please note if a lamp is unplugged and unused the battery will still run and may drain, but the battery can be replaced using the instructions provided.

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  • 24w – RARLZ24R
  • 39w – RARLZ39R
  • 54w – RARLZ54R

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24w, 39w, 54w