Arcadia Wet UV Controller 36/38W

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Arcadia Wet UV Controller 36/38W

Arcadia Wet UV Controller 36/38W –

If you run T8 Reptile lighting in your vivarium or terrarium, you can use an Arcadia T8 Controller with Plug & Socket (IP67) to control them accurately and efficiently.

T8 light controller, rated to IP67, meaning that it is suitable for use in humid terrariums as well as just dry vivariums.

It achieves this with a more water-right design, featuring extra air-tight O-Rings around the electrical components. This is to ensure moisture doesn’t get inside and also short-circuit the electrics.

This means that owners of rainforest reptiles can benefit from cheaper T8 lighting in their terrariums without the risk of short-circuiting, due to the rainforest levels of humidity in their reptile habitat.

Complete with plug, sockets and leaps, these Arcadia IP67 T8 controllers have a simple On/Off switch. They are great for running fluorescent UV strip lights and other reptile bulbs.

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