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Aquarium Systems Waste-Away 250ml


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Aquarium Systems Waste-Away 250ml

Aquarium Systems Waste-Away 250ml – 

100% useful bacteria for your marine water aquarium or terrapins.

The ideal bacterial supplement for your filtration, acting on the organic waste deposited in the bottom of your decoration or in the sand.

Waste Away encourages plant development while playing a preventive role against the formation of algae,

as it contains hyperactive bacteria that reduce the presence of nitrates and phosphates.


  • Shake well before use
  • Do not over dose to prevent a significant fall in oxygen levels
  •  First use : 5ml to 100 L
  • Weekly use : 15ml to 100 L
  • When adding Waste Away, we recommend shutting down the UV steriliser for 2 hours.
  • If the water goes cloudy, immediately turn the filter unit back on.


  • If algae develop in the aquarium: use Re-Fresh, on the first day; 4 days later,

change 20% of the water and on the fifth day use Waste Away following the instructions above.

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