Beaphar Care+ Grey Parrot 1kg

Beaphar Care+ Grey Parrot 1kg –

A super premium complete feed with extra calcium, ideal for Grey Parrots and other African parrots such as Poicephalus parrots.

The ingredients, which are more than 95% organic, are cold pressed into pellets, approximately 5mm in size.

As we do not heat the ingredients they retain their natural nutritional value.

Since vegetables, fruit and pulse crops are naturally full of vitamins and minerals, the pellets have a very high nutritional value.

No chemical colourings or preservatives added to Care+ for Grey Parrots.

Every pellet has the same composition (All-in-One), ensuring that selective feeding will be prevented and providing the assurance that a complete diet has been consumed.

The result – no more left-overs!

Contents/Weight: 1 kg

Key Features:

  • Super premium complete feed with extra calcium
  • Ideal for Grey Parrots & other African parrots such as Poicephalus parrots
  • 95% organic ingredients
  • No added chemical colourings or preservatives
  • Prevents selective feeding

Feeding Advice: As with any new food, we advise to introduce the food slowly and mix with the bird’s current food; especially if its not used to being fed with pellets.

A bird’s nutritional needs depend on its size, activity, housing, temperature and weather conditions.

However, as a guide, feed approximately 16-25g per day, using the free scoop provided. ie One packet will feed a typical grey for around 40 days.

Regularly check the bird’s weight to ensure you are feeding enough. You should make sure you provide fresh drinking water daily.

Care+ for Grey Parrots is a complete feed so fulfills your bird’s daily needs. However, as an enrichment or treat, some vegetables or fruit can be given.

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Care+ Grey Parrot 1kg – MPN : 18338