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Beaphar Fly Guard

Beaphar Fly Guard –

Myasis is the deadliest disease for rabbits, during spring.

Rabbits can be eaten alive inside out by maggots, which then, find their way through rabbits skin.

These maggots come from flies that like to lay their eggs in warm, moist places, such as a bunny’s behind.

Mostly older or fat rabbits cannot keep their behinds clean.

This easy-to-use spray will stop eggs hatching and breaks the life cycle of flies.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use spray
  • Stops eggs hatching and breaks the life cycle of flies
  • Up to 3 months effective

Contents/Weight: 75 ml       How to use: Spray on bunny’s behind.

Beaphar strive to help owners to care for their pets by then providing safe, effective and effective products.

Constantly innovating, bringing out new pet care products to then improve the lives of pets worldwide.

Our pets are not just animals. They are our companions, our friends, our family.

Beaphar believes they deserve the very best care, and so we will always strive to deliver our products to more customers.

We want all pets and their families to then have access to quality, affordable, trustworthy health, care and nutritional products.

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Fly Guard (3 month protection) 75ml – MPN : 15316