Beaphar Nibbly Bitz

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Beaphar Nibbly Bitz

Beaphar Nibbly Bitz –

Giving treats strengthens the bond between pet and owner.

Treats can also be particularly useful when you first get your pet; offering him a treat from your hand will encourage him to think of handling as a positive thing.

Apple Nibbly Bitz 30g: Made from fresh apple then freeze dried to retain the natural flavour and nutritional goodness.

Diced into small pieces to fit small mouths, they are excellent for sprinkling into your pets normal food to add interest.

Carrot Nibbly Bitz 50g: 100% natural treat for small animals.

These freshly picked Lincolnshire carrots are picked, washed, chopped and quickly dried to ensure the delicious flavour and goodness is retained.

Banana Nibbly Bitz 50g: A 100% natural treat for small animals.

These chunky, honey dipped banana slices are a good source of energy for small furry animals during colder months.

Exotic Nibbly Bitz 50g: A 100% natural treat for small animals and contain a mix of exotic fruits and vegetables.

How to use: Simply sprinkle a pinch over your pet’s food to then bring variety to their daily diet.

Feed only as a snack or supplement to the main diet. Fresh, clean water should always be available.

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Apple Nibbly Bitz 30g – MPN : 14635,
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