Beaphar Puppy Trainer 20ml

Beaphar Puppy Trainer 20ml –

A concentrated liquid scent that acts as an attractant when house-training puppies.

A few drops of Beaphar Puppy Trainer added to a Beaphar Puppy Pad, a litter tray or sheet of newspaper will encourage your pet to use this for toileting.

Once your pet is established with using the pad or tray, the area can then be slowly moved over several days to a site of your choosing, such as outside.



  • Put two drops of Beaphar Puppy Trainer on a Beaphar Puppy Pad (or another desired toileting location).
  • Show your puppy where you have applied the Puppy Trainer.
  • Place the puppy on the Beaphar Puppy Pad until it has been used.
  • If they toilet elsewhere then either move them during toileting or show them the location immediately afterwards.
  • Do not scold your puppy if they do not take to the pad immediately. Calmly show them where the pad is and praise them when they use it.
  • Remove any fouling regularly and replace the Beaphar Puppy Pad when it has been used.
  • Each time you replace the puppy pad ensure you reapply Beaphar Puppy Trainer to the puppy pad.
  • After a few visits they will remember and not need to be shown
  • Repeat these steps each day gradually moving the puppy pad closer to the door.
  • Continue the training procedure until the puppy pad is outside.


Ingredients: Soybean oil, Honey aroma

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