Beaphar RabbitComfort Calming Diffuser


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Beaphar RabbitComfort Calming Diffuser

Beaphar RabbitComfort Calming Diffuser –

A simple and effective solution to reducing common behavioural problems in rabbits, such as hiding, aggressive behaviour towards people or other rabbits, refusal to eat or general feelings of anxiety.

Beneficial when rabbits are faced with new experiences, such as learning periods, a new home or family, or the introduction of other rabbits.

The calming effect can also support your rabbit during other stressful situations such as pet holidays, vet visits, thunderstorms, fireworks and loud noises.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use plug-in diffuser
  • Effective in areas up to 70m2
  • Effective for up to 30 days
  • Suitable for rabbits of all breeds and ages

Beaphar RabbitComfort contains a copy of the naturally produced Rabbit Appeasing Pheromone, instantly recognisable to all rabbits.

Naturally produced by the doe when she nurses her kits. It also gives a continuous and reassuring message to let rabbits know that this is a safe and calm area for them to be in.

This can be incredibly valuable when house training your rabbit, helping them to feel at ease and quickly learn to use the litter tray if you let them roam free.

Suitable for rabbits of all ages.


  • Use the diffuser in the room your rabbit spends most of their time
  • Use continuously, do not switch off when leaving the house or overnight
  • Replace the refill reservoir with a new Beaphar RabbitComfort® 30 Day Refill after 30 days, or when empty
  • Replace the plug-in diffuser every six months to ensure optimal performance
  • Use one diffuser per 70m²
  • Use with a 230V plug socket only

Don’t use:

  • With a multi-socket, extension cord, an adaptor or a converter
  • A different brand of refill reservoir with Beaphar RabbitComfort® Calming Diffuser
  • Near open windows/doors or drafts as this will reduce how well the diffuser works
  • In an outside plug

Rabbits are highly sensitive to noise, movement and change, and due to them being prey animals they are highly adept at hiding signs of stress and fear.

A new home, meeting a new companion (matching) or noises from other pets and children can be stressful for rabbits. Other causes of stress in rabbits are travelling, vet visits or changes in the home.

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