Beaphar Swiftie Puppy Trainer 20ml

Beaphar Swiftie Puppy Trainer 20ml –

A concentrated liquid that acts as an attractant when toilet training young pets.

A few drops of Swiftie added to a Puppy Pad, litter tray, or sheet of newspaper will encourage your pet to use this for relieving themselves.

The toilet area can then be slowly moved over several days to a site of your choosing, such as outdoors.

Suitable for puppies and kittens.

How to use:

  • For puppies, place two drops of Swiftie on a folded newspaper or Beaphar Puppy Pad near the sleeping area first thing in the morning.
  • Let the puppy remain on the paper until it has been used and destroy it after use.
  • Repeat this procedure each time using freshly impregnated paper and moving it closer to the door.
  • Continue the training procedure until the paper is outside at the spot you choose as ‘his place’.
  • Finally reduce the size of paper until the correct habit is formed.

For kittens, sprinkle 2 drops on the litter tray each morning.

Size: 20 ml

Products are available to assist with house training, to deter unwanted chewing and to help your dog walk on the lead without pulling. There is also a calming range to help your pet cope with some of the more stressful moments in their lives.

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Swiftie Puppy Trainer 20ml – MPN : 17645