Beaphar Universal Food for Softbills 1kg


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Beaphar Universal Food for Softbills 1kg

Beaphar Universal Food for Softbills 1kg –

A highly palatable, complete food.

Specially formulated for all softbill, fruit and insect-eating birds, such as mynahs, peking robins, starlings and other softbill birds.

Beaphar Universal Food contains ground seeds, extensively enriched with wild berries, dried insects and freshwater shrimps to provide a nutritious, balanced food for your softbill bird.

You can also use Beaphar Universal Food as an occasional conditioning food or tasty treat for hardbill birds.

It will also be well-received by native songbirds, such as robins, blackbirds, redwings, thrushes, and jays.


When changing your bird onto a new food it is important to do this gradually over several days. Beaphar Universal Food is ready to use and requires no preparation.

The daily amount of Beaphar Universal Food to give is dependent upon the size of the bird, their level of activity, their housing, the temperature and weather conditions. Your bird is likely to naturally eat as much as they need.

We advise you initially provide your bird with the same quantity of Beaphar Universal Food as you gave of the old food.

If there is food leftover at the end of the day, feed less, and if readily consumed, feed more.

Always have fresh drinking water available.

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