Betta Hosetail Elbow


Betta Hosetail Elbow

Betta Hosetail Elbow –

Connect two pieces of pipe together effortlessly, whilst its robust structure extends hose life.

The 90° bend on the Betta hose tail elbow allows for flexible pond hosing to attach over its strong, robust construction.

Made from black polypropylene, prevents crimping and straining of the hose whilst also relieving unnecessary stress on the hose tail fittings.

The Betta Hose tail elbow has been produced at Betta, using the most suitable of materials, to provide an ideal long lasting and reliable finish., to ensure that it lasts and performs under the toughest of conditions.

Here at HugglePets we stock an extensive range of hose connectors and fittings.

Sizes Available:

  • 3/8 Hosetail Elbow
  • 13mm Hosetail Elbow
  • 19mm Hosetail Elbow
  • 25mm Hosetail Elbow
  • 32mm Hosetail Elbow

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Betta 13mm Hosetail Elbow – MPN : YG411 ,
Betta 19mm Hosetail Elbow – MPN : YG413 ,
Betta 25mm Hosetail Elbow – MPN : YG414 ,
Betta 3/8″ Hosetail Elbow – MPN : YG410 ,
Betta 32mm Hosetail Elbow – MPN : YG415

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