Blagdon Wildlife Pond Tap Safe 250ml

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Blagdon Wildlife Pond Tap Safe 250ml

Blagdon Wildlife Pond Tap Safe 250ml –

Bioactive Pond Tapsafe makes tap water safe for pond life by removing toxic chlorine, chloramine and other compounds.

Key Features:

  • Makes tap water safe.
  • Protects fish instantly
  • Safe water guaranteed

Size: 250 ml (Treats 2,273 litres (500 gallons)

For use only as a pond treatment.

Use when filling up your pond with tap water, topping up evaporation loss and carrying out water changes.

Harmless to filter and all species of pond fish, plants and water using wildlife.


  1. Calculate the ponds volume using the following calculation: Length in metres x width in metres x average depth in metres x 1000 = Litres, divide by 4.54 for gallons.
  2. Shake bottle well.
  3. Remove dosage chamber cap and foil seal, squeeze the bottle until chamber is filled to the required level.
  4. Add 1 x 25ml measure for every 227 litres (50 gals) of pond water. We recommend adding Wildlife Pond Tap Safe to a bucket of water and then distributing evenly over the pond surface.
  5. When filling up a new pond, add the required amount of Wildlife Pond Tap Safe to the pond first and then add tap water.
  6. Wildlife Pond Tap Safe acts instantly and makes the tap water safe for all pond wildlife, we recommend that you repeat the dose whenever you add tap water to your pond.
  7. To help reduce pond waste we recommend using Blagdon Wildlife Sludge Control (sold separately).

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