Bob Martin Clear Cat & Kitten Spot On Wormer

Bob Martin Clear Cat & Kitten Spot On Wormer –

A fast and effective treatment for common tapeworm infestations.

Easy to apply and effective immediately, this spot on treats cats and kittens from 1kg in weight.

Effectively kills and eradicates tapeworms affecting cats.

This pack also contains 4 treatments.

Key Features:

  • Flea tapeworm.
  • Taenia taeniaeformis.
  • Echinococcus multilocularis.

Contents: 4 Tubes

For external use only. Apply to an area where the animal cannot lick it off. Also, do not allow pets to lick each other after treatment.


  • For animal treatment only.
  • Minimum dose rate: 8mg/kg bodyweight. Equates to 1 tube per 2.5kg bodyweight.
  • DO NOT administer Bob Martin Clear Wormer 20mg Spot on Solution by mouth.
  • Weigh your cat carefully before calculating the dose.

Note: if your cat weighs more than 5kg apply an extra tube per 2.5kg bodyweight.

  1. Hold the tube upright and snap off the top section of the cap opening the tube.
  2. Part the coat on the back of the neck immediately behind the head until the skin is visible. If the cat is wearing a collar remove it first so that it does not restrict application. Correct application will minimise the chance for your cat to lick the product.
  3. Tap the narrow part of the tube to ensure the contents are within the main body of the tube. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and slowly squeeze the entire contents onto the skin. Each application will absorb into the skin. Allow the contents of each tube to be absorbed before applying any additional tubes.
  4. We also advise that the applications should be performed slowly. This will to allow absorption and that it may be advisable to allow the contents of the previous pipette to be absorbed before applying another.

We recommend you re-apply the product when signs of tapeworm infestation re-appear or at monthly intervals.

Each pipette contains 20mg praziquantel: Praziquantel prevents newly hatched worms from growing or multiplying inside the body.

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