Carnilove Jerky Chicken with Quail Bar

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Carnilove Jerky Chicken with Quail Bar

Carnilove Jerky Chicken with Quail Bar –

Dried meat treats – Protein bar from chicken and quail. Supplementary food for adult dogs.

Key Benefits:

  • 90% meat content.
  • Irresistible taste.
  • Natural antioxidants only.
  • Cereal-free, dye-free, sugar-free, GMO-free – made in the EU.

Composition: Chicken (78%), quail (12%), glycerine of vegetable origin, sodium chloride.

Size: 100g

Feeding: Serve daily as a reward or as a treat for shared moments during the day.

Also provide access to fresh water for your dog. Do not use as a complete food. Take care of the right dosing, and do not overfeed.

Carnilove Chicken & Wild Boar Bar Feeding Guide

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The wide spectrum of carefully selected wild-origin meats, such as reindeer, duck, pheasant, turkey, lamb, wild boar and salmon, corresponds to the composition of natural prey and also ensures intake of important amino acids.

Forest fruits, vegetables, wild berries, and herbs are natural sources of important vitamins, antioxidants and other essential nutrients. 70 – 75% Wild-Origin Meats.

Grain-free & Potato-free. Get into the wild with CARNILOVE!

We’ve designed CARNILOVE with careful consideration for the historical continuity of cohabitation between pets and humans.

The ingredients and their proportion have been developed according to the diet of dogs or cats prior to the advent of agriculture, but production is based on the latest processes as well as technologies.

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