Catit Fresh & Clear Water Fountain 2L



Catit Fresh & Clear Water Fountain 2L

Catit Fresh & Clear Water Fountain 2L –

Fresh & Clear stainless steel fountain provides your cat with a constant supply of fresh and clean water.

Like all of our Catit fountains, the Fresh & Clear stainless steel fountain circulates the water which will also encourage your cat to drink more.

Benefits of this can ensure proper kidney function and reduce the risk. Also any urinary diseases or other complications associated with dehydration.

The stainless steel bowl top also has added health benefits for your pet as the metal material will help to prevent any bacteria from forming, leaving clean, fresh water.

Fresh & Clear stainless steel fountain is unique and stylish in design with a white base and also steel top meaning it will fit in nicely with any decor.

Key features:

  • Dishwasher safe stainless steel bowl helps prevent bacteria
  • 2L water capacity
  • 1 x dual action premium replacement filter
  • Also suitable for small dogs

Catit Fresh & Clear Premium Replacement Filters

Premium replacement filters for the Catit Fresh & Clear stainless steel water fountain.

The filter’s foam collects any sediment and debris in the water of your fountain. The extra activated carbon also reduces any odours or impurities found in tap water requiring less filter changes.

The Catit Fresh & Clear premium replacement filters can be used with any Catit water fountains.

Replacement filters are available to purchase in the the drop down menu.

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Catit Fresh & Clear Dual Action Filters 2pk (for 50023/50057) – MPN : 50029

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