Catit Pixi Smart Fountain

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Catit Pixi Smart Fountain

Catit Pixi Smart Fountain –

The Catit PIXI Smart Fountain provides cats with a continuous source of fresh, purified water. Running water encourages cats to drink more, which helps prevent urinary tract diseases.

Equipped with state-of-the-art UV-C sterilization technology, has built-in Wi-Fi and a free mobile app that lets pet parents access its clever features remotely!

The Catit PIXI Smart Drinking Fountain is strikingly cat-like in appearance, yet highly ergonomic and user-friendly.

PIXI’s little paws make the fountain easy to pick up for refills, while the cute ears help prevent water spills and splashes. Even PIXI’s nose and whiskers are super convenient and serves as a backlit water level window.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • UV-C sterilisation neutralises 99% of bacteria and viruses.
  • Triple action filter softens water and removes debris.
  • Ergonomic drinking options for picky drinkers.
  • High-grade stainless steel top.
  • Super silent pump.
  • Low water level and filter replacement alerts.
  • Nightlight.
  • Energy-saving mode.
  • Free mobile app with built-in Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz).

Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm x 17cm (LxWxH)          Capacity: 2.5L water reservoir

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Cats need access to clean water to stay healthy, as proper hydration can help prevent urinary tract diseases.

Keep your cat happy and hydrated with our drinking fountains.

The fountain includes a spout add-on that creates an arching water stream when inserted. Finally, your cat can drink comfortably without having to strike an awkward pose!

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