Catit Pixi Vision Smart Feeder

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Catit Pixi Vision Smart Feeder

Catit Pixi Vision Smart Feeder –

Cats eat a couple of times a day, from early morning until late at night but you can’t always be around to give them the correct amount of food.

The Catit PIXI Vision Smart Dry Feeder keeps an accurate log of your cat’s eating pattern so you can schedule their meals to match their appetite.

No more leaving kibble out all day for it to get stale, attract insects and deter your kitty away from their food.

This automatic dry cat food feeder with audio and camera allows you to record a personalised message to call your cat when food is being served, audio so they can hear the food has been dispensed and motion detection so you can watch them eat (and check how much they eat of their serving).

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Automatic dry cat food dispenser with stainless steel dish
  • Built-in camera reveals your cat’s eating habits for an optimal feeding schedule
  • Motion detection in up to two zones
  • Two-way audio plus option to record your own feeding message
  • Adjustable LED nightlight colour and brightness
  • Automatic recording requires MicroSD card (max. 256 GB, not included)
  • Can be controlled via Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) with Catit PIXI SmartApp
  • Back-up battery compartment (± 2 months)
  • Replace the Desiccant Pad within the feeder lid every 30 days to help keep your cat’s food fresh

Dimensions: 32cm x 19cm x 34cm (LxWxH)     Capacity: 2.9L / approx.. 1.2 kg

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