Ciano Water Bio-Bact Cartridge

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Ciano Water Bio-Bact Cartridge

Ciano Water Bio-Bact Cartridge –

For an efficient biological filtration, maintain perfect your aquarium ecosystem.

Ciano Water Bio-Bact cartridge is a replacement (and/or upgrade) biological media to fit filters in Ciano aquariums. Adding one of these to your filter will boost its capacity and help improve the water quality.

Key Features:

  • Breaks down biological bacteria in water
  • Fast and effective water clarity results to improve the health and development of fish
  • Effectively break down waste found in aquarium water
  • Easy to replace

Every 140 days replace the Water Bio-Bact Cartridge, to ensure that we have bacteria for the rapid elimination of toxic substances, as with this product we can decompose ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, fish excretions and other residues, to ensure a good and effective biological filtration.

Sizes available: Small (x2) or Medium (x1)      Colour: Green

At Ciano Aquarium as Manufacturers and Aquarists, we like to ensure not only quality products, but also make this hobby educational, easy and responsible, so we’ve gathered the best information to help ensure you have the greatest success so that your fish are healthy and happy.

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Small – MPN: MF183
Medium – MPN: MF187

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