Ciano Water Clear & Protection Cartridge

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Ciano Water Clear & Protection Cartridge

Ciano Water Clear & Protection Cartridge –

A replacement chemical adsorbing media to fit filters in Ciano aquariums. It removes substances that are harmful to your fish and keeps the water crystal clear and odourless.

It also helps prevent the growth of algae.

Key Features:

  • Keeps the water crystal clear.
  • Prevents and eliminates colour and odours.
  • Preventive action in the appearance of algae.
  • 30 days cartridge durability.

Sizes available: Small (x2) or Medium (x1)       Colour: Blue

At Ciano Aquarium as Manufacturers and Aquarists, we like to ensure not only quality products, but also make this hobby educational, easy and responsible, so we’ve gathered the best information to help ensure you have the greatest success so that your fish are healthy and happy.

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Small – MPN: MF185
Medium – MPN: MF189

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