Cloverleaf Absolute Reptile Wormer Plus

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Cloverleaf Absolute Reptile Wormer Plus

Cloverleaf Absolute Reptile Wormer Plus –

An extra-strength powdered medication for the treatment of roundworms, hookworms and pinworms in reptiles.

This reptile medication is effective against inter-muscular plus internal parasites and will rapidly reduce the gut parasite burden on newly imported and captive lizards and snakes.

It provides effective treatment for both adult worms and eggs.

Cloverleaf Absolute Repti-Vet Reptile Wormer comes in a resealable 20g bag and includes a handy dosing scoop.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Pro-strength reptile medication for parasites
  • Rapidly reduces gut parasite burden on lizards and snakes
  • Long-lasting 20g pack treats up to 5.6kg of animal body weight

How to use:

Cloverleaf Absolute Repti-Vet Reptile Wormer+ 20g pack will treat up to 5.6kg of animal body weight.

To ensure the wormer powder adheres to the food, gently mist warm water on the food prior to treatment.

Use 1 level 0.5ml /0.3g per 250g of body weight, lightly sprinkled over food daily.

Repeat for three consecutive days. Dispose of unused medicated food after the three-day period.

If you are treating more than one animal we recommend each animal be separated to enable more accurate treatment. Do not overdose.

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